Brianna Smith

Brianna Smith is a freelance writer and editor in Southwest Michigan. A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Brianna has a passion for politics, social issues, education, science, and more. When she’s not writing, she enjoys the simple life with her husband, daughter, and son.

New West Virginia Bill Will Use Drug Settlement Funds To Improve Drug Treatment Facilities

Last week, lawmakers in West Virginia moved closer on a plan to “seize $24 million in recent drug lawsuit settlement funds” to put the money towards increasing beds in drug treatment facilities throughout the state. The measure, known as HB 2428, was passed in the House of Delegates with a unanimous vote, and will actually charge the Virginia Department of Health and Human Resource (DHHR) with the responsibility of using the money to “make extra treatment beds available by July 2018.”

“Toxic Tush Doctor” Sentenced To 10 Years After Butt Enhancement Death

A Florida woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in a bizarre case involving botched cosmetic butt injections, tire sealant, rubber cement and superglue. Wondering how all of those things go together? Well, apparently Oneal Ron Morris, recently dubbed the “Toxic Tush Doctor,” actually used a mixture of tire sealant, rubber cement, and superglue during a cosmetic butt procedure that ultimately lead to the death of 31-year-old Shatarka Nuby. In fact, according to investigators, “a witness to the procedure claimed to have seen Morris superglue cotton balls to Nuby’s injection sites.”

Hepatitis A On the Rise In Parts of Michigan

Hepatitis A, sometimes a foodborne illness, is on the rise in the state of Michigan, prompting state officials to encourage people to get vaccinated. In recent months, reported cases have skyrocketed eight-fold. Just how many cases have there been? According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, between Aug. 1, 2016, and March 21, 2017, there have been a shocking 107 cases of lab-confirmed Hepatitis A in the state, though the spike in cases seems to be centered on areas around Detroit, including Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties.

Supreme Court Asked to Hear Age Discrimination Case

Discrimination appears in many forms, and for many older Americans, ageism is a real thing, especially for those trying to find a job. More and more older Americans are having a hard time even getting a shot at an interview, prompting some to raise questions like “can a job applicant sue an employer for discriminating against older workers?” Well, one Atlanta man did. Richard Villarreal sued the R.J. Reynolds company when the company failed to give him a response to an application he submitted. However, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Villarreal, and now the Supreme Court is being asked to hear the case. Depending on how they rule, it could become “tougher for older workers to prove age discrimination” when turned down for jobs.

Popular Polaris ATVs Recalled Amid Safety Concerns

The weather is finally beginning to warm up, which means more and more people will be enjoying fun outdoor activities. However, if riding around on an ATV is your cup of tea, you might want to tune into a recent recall issued by Polaris Industries Inc.

Clothing Company Sues Ivanka Trump’s Firm For Unfair Competition

It seems President Trump isn’t’ the only one under fire these days. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, is now being accused of “improperly leveraging the power of the White House for private profit” by the San Francisco-based clothing company, Modern Appealing Clothing. According to the lawsuit filed by the clothing company last week, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC is has been “exploiting the power and prestige of the White House for personal gain” by promoting products at government events.

Trump Administration Preparing New Executive Orders To Tackle Free Trade

President Trump made it well known during the campaign what he thought about our many free trade agreements and even said on a number of occasions that “our free trade has led to a lot of bad things.” Now that Trumpcare has been put on hold for the foreseeable future, our president seems ready to tackle all 14 of our free trade agreements, and is actually, according to senior administration officials, “preparing new executive orders to re-examine the free trade deals as well as government procurement policies.”

Michigan Supreme Court Rules Against Case of Mistaken Identity

In a case of mistaken identity, a man filed a defamation lawsuit that made its way all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court after being dismissed by “a Wayne County judge and an appeals court” back in 2015. Unfortunately for the man, identified as Keith Todd, the state Supreme Court also ruled against him last Friday. But what exactly happened to prompt Todd’s decision to file the lawsuit.

Iowa House Passes Bill That Will Shorten Time For Discrimination Lawsuits

New legislation passed in Iowa last Monday that will effectively “shorten the deadline for filing discrimination lawsuits in the state from two years to 90 days.” The legislation in question sailed through a Republican-controlled House on a vote of 58-39 and is awaiting final approval in the GOP-controlled Iowa senate.

“Snowflake Test” Weeds Out Certain Millennial Job Applicants

It’s not uncommon for eager job applicants to have to endure a personality test of some kind upon applying for a new job. However, one US company is putting a new spin on things with their self-proclaimed snowflake test aimed at weeding out “overly sensitive, liberal candidates who are too easily offended.” It seems this particular company is looking for a specific type of candidate, and certain members of the millennial generation may not fit that bill. But what does this new test entail?