Contamination Concerns Prompt Baby Food Recall

When parents buy food for their children, they do so with a certain expectation that what they’re buying is safe. Unfortunately, a popular baby food manufacturer, Overhill Farms, has run into a problem that is making some parents nervous. Why? Well, the company is “recalling more than 50,000 pounds of frozen chicken bites because the products might be contaminated with bone fragments.”

Popular Britax Car Seats Recalled Due To Choking Hazard

Parents can never be too careful about the products they use for their babies and children. Because of that, it’s important to stay informed and up to date about recent recalls, like the one just issued by Britax Child Safety. The company has decided to recall more than “207,000 rear-facing infant car seats because part of a clip can break and cause a choking hazard.”

Betsy DeVos Does Away With Obama-Era Protections for College Students

Two Obama-era rules “designed to protect college students from predatory lending and dubious for-profit colleges” have been halted by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Why? Well, DeVos called them “overly burdensome and confusing.” The two rules were scheduled to go into effect on July 1, and were introduced last year in response to thousands of students complaining that they were “defrauded by for-profit colleges.” But what would the rules have done? How would they protect students?

Driverless Cars are Coming, They Say

The march of progress seems inevitable, doesn’t it? Everybody knows that driverless cars are coming, and that we should prepare ourselves to accept and work with (or around) this eventuality. Companies are making investments in new technology, while politicians shift laws around to accommodate the industry. The question that few people seem to be asking is whether or not driverless cars are a good idea, and fewer still are questioning whether we really need them.