‘Go Bleep Yourself San Diego!’

San Diego unveiled a $1.1 billion proposal to build a stadium in the city’s Mission Valley area to keep the team there, replacing the antiquated Qualcomm Stadium. The proposal, however, only includes one-third of the cost to be publicly financed, leaving the Chargers and the NFL responsible for over $750 million of the cost. Chargers executive Mark Fabiani rebuked the proposal and city officials, saying “The Chargers have been clear from the start that the franchise will not be the city’s guinea pig for this inevitably ill-fated legal experiment.”

Industry and Consumer Groups along with Congressman Fight Delayed Orbitz-Expedia Merger

A formidable push is gathering for antitrust authorities to block the proposed merger between online-travel giants Expedia and Orbitz. Congressional authorities, consumer groups, and those within the hotel industry are urging the Department of Justice to strongly consider the antitrust concerns of the merger. Expedia announced the proposed $1.3 billion acquisition in February, shortly after

Hacking is Huge Business for Insider Trading Ring

U.S. Attorneys’ offices in New York and New Jersey, along with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), have filed over 20 charges against an international ring of hackers and traders accused of selling and buying unreleased business information. The group of hackers, mostly from the Ukraine and Russia, are suspected of taking advantage of security

FCC Issues Largest ever “Robocall” Fine

Florida-based Travel Club Marketing was hit with the largest automated-calling fine in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) history on Tuesday for making at least 185 unsolicited calls without customer consent, including 142 households on the National Do-Not-Call Registry. The fine of $2.96 million, reported by the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, is the largest fine the agency has

New York’s “Responsible Banking” Law Ruled Unconstitutional

In U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday, Judge Katherine Polk Failla issued New York’s mayor Bill De Blasio a notable defeat of a law intended to regulate the community-mindedness of the many financial institutions that inhabit the city. New York’s city council passed the Responsible Banking Act (RBA) in 2012, requiring banks in the

FDA Approves Nestle’s Maggi Noodles, Banned in India

Foodmaker Nestle scored a major victory late Monday night when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted marketing approval for the company’s Maggi noodles within the U.S. The U.S. joins six other countries in allowing the sale of the two-minute instant snack noodles, which had been tested by the regulator for unsafe levels of

Parent Company of Columbia House Records files for Bankruptcy

Much like A&P supermarkets and that company’s bankruptcy announcement last month, another piece of Americana is close to officially entering its historical enshrinement. Nearly everyone of a certain age has at least once in their life taken advantage/been taken advantage of the Incredible Deal™, 8 cassette tapes or CDs for a penny, by subscribing to

Congress Considers Lifting Oil-Export Ban

According to U.S. Representative Joe Barton (R-TX), Congress is expected to vote on legislation that would lift a 40 year-old crude-oil export ban for U.S. producers. In an August 6th phone interview with Bloomberg, Barton said “We’ve got green lights in the House all the way,” saying that “The whip, the majority leader, the speaker