Trump’s Agriculture Pick and His Not So Great Food Safety Track Record

President Trump has had a busy week, what with signing all of his executive orders and filling positions and everything else that goes into running a country. He’s even taken upon himself to nominate someone new as the agriculture secretary, and as is common with some of his picks, his choice has many throughout Washington raising their eyebrows. So who did he choose? Sonny Perdue, the former Governor of Georgia. If approved, he will be tasked with “helping ensure the safety and quality of America’s food supply.”

Samsung Note 7 Battery Fires Prompt Call for Better Safety Standards

Remember all those Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fires? Well, consumers will be glad to learn that, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Samsung officials have taken the necessary steps to try and figure out what went wrong. As for the rest of the industry, the safety agency has called for other manufacturers to “set better safety standards for batteries.”

Over 600K Vehicles in New Takata Airbag Inflators Recall

Here we go again! Just when you think the biggest problem with Takata airbag inflators is manufacturing enough replacements, another recall hits. This time, over one half million vehicles are being recalled due to the faulty Takata airbag inflators. This recall is spread over thirteen vehicle manufacturers and covers 652,000 vehicles in the U.S.

American Pediatric Association Recommends against Using Baby Powder

Only the hardest of heart doesn’t like the fresh, innocent smell most commonly associated with babies: baby powder. However, baby powder detractors may be on to something. Even the American Pediatric Association (APA) recommends against using baby powder. Originally, the APA was concerned with talc, the natural mineral ingredient of traditional baby powder.