TPP: Corporate Liability, Monsanto, and the Alien Tort Statute

5/15/2015 Now that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has apparently survived a near coup d’etat led by Democratic Senators Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren, pending a successful re-vote, the battle over the large-scale trade deal will soon be heading to the House of Representatives. The vote in the House may be even more troublesome for the

Self-driving Cars Need Possible Human Intervention

5/14/2015 A word of advice from Consumer Watchdog to all self-driving car companies: self-driving cars need possible human intervention accessories such as brake pedals and steering wheels. The group pointed out the necessity of such items that would allow the human occupant to take control of the vehicle in emergency situations. Further, the group is

General Motors Issued Two Recalls Today

 5/13/2015 General Motors issued two recalls today. One deals with seats that may not be anchored properly and the other is for potentially defective seat belts. This latest bout of recalls includes roughly 525K vehicles, compared to the company’s 2014 record-breaking recall total of 26.95M vehicles. The first of the vehicles being recalled is the

Lawsuit calls Intermex’s 24/7 GPS policy an Invasion of Privacy

5/12/2015 A former sales executive for the money transfer service, Intermex, filed a lawsuit last week in Kern County Superior Court in central California, alleging that she was fired for disabling a company-required app on her phone that constantly tracked her motions. Myrna Arias, who worked at the Bakersfield-area company, claims she was fired after

Mirrored Puget Sound Development is a rare study on Regulatory Approaches

5/11/2015 Conservative writer and columnist, Charles Murray, wrote a poignant Saturday Essay in the Wall Street Journal, arguing for a citizens’ revolt over the increasingly complicated world of governmental oversight. Noting that there are currently over 175,000 pages of regulations on the books, and moving in an upward trend, Murray contrasts the amount of regulation

Dewey and Leboeuf: “Big Law” on Trial

5/10/2015 In a pointed example of a mega-merger gone terribly wrong, jury selection has concluded for the trial of 3 executives from the former New York-based legal powerhouse, Dewey & LeBoeuf. Former Chairman, Steven Davis, former Executive Director, Stephen DiCarmine, and former CFO, Joel Sanders are each facing several charges including fraud, grand larceny, and