Judge Rules in Favor of Breastfeeding Mother After Wrongful Termination

A judge in Merrimack County recently ruled in favor of a mother who sued the New Hampshire Department and Health and Human Services over allegations of wrongful termination. According to the lawsuit, the mother requested breastfeeding accommodations at her job. She was eventually “fired in September 2012 due to unresolved issues concerning when and where she could breastfeed her newborn son during the workday.”

Court Says Encouraging Illegal Travel to U.S. is Free Speech

A federal law barring Americans from encouraging or inducing foreign nationals to illegal travel to or stay in the United States has been stricken down. On Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of California resident Evelyn Sineneng-Smith. Sineneng-Smith, writes Bloomberg.com, was prosecuted under a law the 9th Circuit called “unconstitutionally overbroad.”