Accidental Injury Lawsuit Might Make a Reluctant David Copperfield Reveal the Secret Behind His Favorite Trick

A lawsuit against David Copperfield unraveled part of the magician’s code in court late Friday, the details explaining away one of the entertainer’s favorite illusions. Copperfield’s attorney, writes ABC7, explained the method in a hearing last week. The stupendously wealthy Copperfield – worth almost $1 billion – is being sued by Gavin Cox, who was

Lawsuit Claims Miccosukee Tribal Police Kidnapped Newborn Girl from Hospital

When most parents welcome the arrival of a new baby in the hospital, there’s a certain expectation that the hospital staff will help keep the child safe until the family leaves to go home. Unfortunately for one South Florida couple, this was not the case. According to a lawsuit filed earlier today, the couple’s “newborn baby girl was taken by Miccosukee tribe police officers from Baptist Hospital last month.” The lawsuit itself was filed against the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians and Baptist Health.

Chicago Settles, Gets Sanctioned in Police Shooting Lawsuit

The Chicago City Council is preparing to pay $2.3 million in response to a police shooting lawsuit which led to the resignation of a Law Department supervisor and the suspension of two deputies. The settlement, writes the Chicago Tribune, was reached in January. Only yesterday was the exact dollar amount made public, pending approval from

Menards Files Lawsuit Against ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. Over Injury Reports

Earlier this week, Menards filed a lawsuit against a Georgia company in response to a number of personal injury claims “tied to moving walkways installed in some of the home improvement chain’s stores.” The lawsuit itself was filed in Eau Claire County Court against ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. and accused the company of not living up “to its warranty and other parts of a contract to install the walkways intended to transport people and carts,” resulting in injury reports, as well as “breach of contract, breaking Wisconsin product warranty laws and for failing to assume defense in two pending injury cases.”

Class Action Alleging Prisoner Mistreatment by Mississippi Department of Corrections Concludes Arguments

On Monday, attorneys presented their closing arguments in a case pitting prisoners against the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Filed in 2013, the five-week trial brings to a close Dockery, et. al. v. Hall, et. al., a class action suit alleging barbaric living conditions at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Meridian, Mississippi. Although a verdict’s