Bayer Will Soon Own Monsanto if Regulators Approve

Cue the “Imperial March.” Bayer’s repeated attempts to buy Monsanto have finally proven successful as announced today. Yes, Bayer will soon own Monsanto if regulators approve. The Germany-based Big Pharma and crop chemical company offered U.S.-based seed company Monsanto $66B or $128 per share. This is an increase of $0.50 per share from its last

Samsung Issued a Worldwide Recall of its Galaxy Note 7

There are hot calls and then there are hot calls. Samsung has lately developed an issue with calls, or rather smartphones, that are entirely too hot to handle. Samsung issued a worldwide recall of its Galaxy Note 7 just weeks after its release. Apparently, there is a danger that the batteries in the devices can explode during charging.

Another Day, Another Big Pharma Bully

In yet another unsurprising case of Big Pharma trying to control the fate of millions of Americans’ health, Insys Therapeutics has donated $500,000 to an anti-legalization of marijuana campaign in Arizona known as Proposition 205. Pro-legalization advocates view the half million dollar donation as a further attempt to line the pockets of powerful drug corporations

GM Recalling 4.3M Vehicles Due to Airbag Software

It has to be one of the worst times to be an automaker. In a time of epic recalls, General Motors just announced another one. GM recalling 4.3M vehicles due to airbag software; this recall is worldwide. Though the recall is worldwide, most of the affected vehicles (3.6M) are in the U.S.

Hanjin’s Hard Times

Hanjin, South Korea’s largest shipping company and seventh largest in the world, is on the skids. Although it represents 2.9% of the world’s shipping capacity, the company has posted net losses every year since 2011 and filed for bankruptcy protection on August 31st, 2016. For almost two weeks, 92 of the 141 container ships operated

Liberalism as a Fashion Statement, Pt. 2

In Part 1, I discussed how everyday choices in fashion and shopping, while well-intentioned, lead to suboptimal results if the goal is to make the world a better place.  These are far from the only examples, though, and liberalism as a fashion statement also extends to some of the bigger actions we can take, such

Liberalism as a Fashion Statement, Pt. 1

This week I heard a story on NPR about barn wood.  The Midwest is losing their scenic, falling-apart barns because the wood is a hot commodity for people who would like to add that weathered look to their restaurant wall, bar counter, or expensive home.  The barns in question have already lived out their useful

St. Jude Medical Filed a Lawsuit Against MedSec and Muddy Waters

According to its September 7, 2016, press release, St. Jude Medical filed a lawsuit against MedSec and Muddy Waters Consulting, MedSec Holdings, Muddy Waters Capital, and three principals in those firms. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Minnesota. St. Jude Medical’s, SJM, allegations include “false statements, false advertising, conspiracy and the

F the FDA’s Opinion on Tattoos

Anyone who’s been reading my posts long enough knows the “high regard” in which I hold the FDA (and just how sarcastic I can be). This one takes the cake. The FDA has been piddling around on whether to remove Essure, Bayer’s “permanent” birth control device from the market for a year now and there’s a ton of evidence that such an action needs to happen. So, what is that esteemed agency doing with its time? Offering advice on tattoo safety from a page where it admits it has no evidence, merely some vague concerns. You know what I think? F the FDA’s opinion on tattoos and ink away ‘til your heart’s content!