Dole Executives Fined $148 Million for Valuation Fraud

Laster believed that the executives fraudulently created grim sales forecasts, as well as drove the stock price down by understating the cost savings of Dole’s 2012 sale of its Asian operations, as well as cancelling a planned stock buyback. These activities led to Murdock purchasing the remaining shares for $13.50 each in a $1.2 billion purchase. Laster ruled that the executives undervalued the shares by $2.74 apiece, ordering that they pay the difference, a total of $148.2 million to the investors, many of them pension funds, that filed the class-action lawsuit.

NLRB Rules in Favor of Increased Bargaining power for Subcontractors, Temporary Workers

IFA president Steve Caldeira released a statement following the ruling, saying “The Board’s tortured analysis will undoubtedly be met with skepticism and will be rejected by local franchise owners, legislators and, ultimately, the courts. IFA and its allies are asking Congress to intervene to halt these out-of-control, unelected Washington bureaucrats to preserve the established joint employer standard.”

Will the .Law Domain Registry Succeed?

Despite the enthusiasm for the .law registry amid its early rollout, many question whether or not the domains will help firms, and in some respects, can even be considered a mild form of extortion. Well-known firms that rarely acquire new business via the internet will likely be required to purchase the .law extension in order to keep others from buying it in a brand-protecting move.

NHTSA to Investigate more Honda Airbag Woes

Although no deaths have been reported from the defect, one of the 19 complaints involved a single-car, front-end collision with injuries. In that incident, a Belleview, Florida driver crashed into a concrete wall head-on at 50 MPH, with the front airbag failing to deploy.

Will Class-Action Litigation of Ashley Madison Account Holders Succeed?

The second data dump comes after Biderman questioned the credibility of the hacker’s claims, with the Impact Team taunting him with a message regarding Thursday’s disclosure, “Hey Noel, you can admit it’s real now.” As reality does indeed set in for both ALM and the millions of users whose personal lives may be altered forever by the leak, sorting out legal liability in the matter will be messy.

Final Ex-Executives Plead Guilty over West Virginia Chemical Spill

Charleston U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin said that his agency was focused on pursuing prison time for the former executives as a stronger deterrent than financial penalties. Goodwin said, “Executives are used to writing checks. It sends a stronger message if they have to trade their three-piece suits for a prison jumpsuit.”

California Retail Workers Suffer On-call Abuse

California retail workers are getting the shaft as many employers demand on-call/call-in scheduling. This heinous employment practice requires employees to either be available to work at a moment’s notice or call their bosses one to three hours before the start of a shift to see if they need to report for duty. These shifts are often cancelled and workers get no additional compensation for putting their lives on hold.