No Additional Penalties for Wal-Mart in Trucking Suit

A federal judge announced there would be no additional penalties for Wal-Mart in a long-lasting lawsuit. In November of 2016, a jury had awarded hundreds of truck drivers $54 million in back pay. The plaintiffs had contested that the Arkansas-based retailer hadn’t fairly compensated its over-the-road employees for doing certain tasks. A California jury found

$1.25M Awarded To Student Forced To Urinate In Bucket

Schools and especially teachers should be two things that students can count on to make them feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately for one student in the San Diego Unified School District, this wasn’t the case. What happened, you ask? Well, the former student was “forced to urinate in a bucket after her request for a bathroom break was denied.” After years of battling depression, having to put up with gossip and “lewd texts,” and suffering from a suicide attempt, the student has finally been granted justice after winning a lawsuit against the San Diego Unified School District, who has been “ordered to pay more than $1.25 million in damages.” The settlement comes after her initial claim seeking $25,000 was denied by San Diego Unified.

Hart Island To Increase Access for Families of the Deceased

Relatives of family members buried on Hart Island will soon enjoy “increased access to the cemetery under a modified lawsuit settlement.” Under the new settlement agreement between the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) and New York City, “the number of monthly visitors allowed at the site will increase to 70 from 50” and relatives will be allowed to visit graves once a month. Additionally, the city, which actually owns the island, will offer photographs of grave sites to visiting relatives and mourners. All of this is part of a “three-month pilot program” under the agreed upon settlement.

Comcast Consumer Lawsuit Isn’t Going Away

Everybody loves to hate on Comcast. The telecom giant saw an unwelcome addition to its club of naysayers in early August. Bob Ferguson, the attorney general of Washington State, filed a lawsuit which has refused to shrink. He claims the company deceived a half-million customers in the Pacific Northwest, refusing to change its ways until

Lawsuit Revived In Missouri Regarding Naked Pretrial Detainees

Imagine that you’re a pretrial detainee in a little jail in Missouri. Now imagine that, as a detainee in that small jail, you’re forced to go naked for several hours while your only set of clothes are in the laundry. The only thing to cover yourself is a sheet and any other bedding you might have, while guards, potentially of the opposite sex, look in on you from time to time from your cell’s window. Sound a bit hard to believe? Well, believe it, because this is the reality that pretrial detainees face on a regular basis at the Cole County Detention Center in Jefferson City, Missouri. Fortunately for detainees who find the rule a bit demeaning and uncivilized, a federal appeal court revived a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging the jail’s policy.