51,000 Potential Exploding Bottles Causes SodaStream Recall

A popular kitchen device maker has a bit of a problem with one of its products. Well, actually up to 51,000 of them to be precise. An unspecified manufacturing defect caused a SodaStream recall of 51,000 one-liter, blue-tinted plastic bottles in the U.S. and another 7,600 in Canada. The reason for the recall is that the unspecified defect may cause the bottles to explode when under pressure.

New Bill Would Require Religious Daycares To Be Licensed and Inspected

A new bill has been introduced in Alabama by Republican and Democrat lawmakers that would get rid of the “God loophole” for religious daycares. What’s the God loophole, you’re wondering? This loophole is a law that has been around for a long time that currently “exempts more than 900 religious day cares from state oversight.” The bill, known as the Child Care Safety Act, would “require all day cares in Alabama to be licensed and inspected, and they would have to meet basic safety standards such as child-to-staff ratios and worker training.”

Sargento Foods Inc. Expands Voluntary Cheese Recall

Food recalls have been a hot topic in the news lately, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Recently, Sargento Foods Inc. decided to expand it’s “voluntary recall of cheese due to potential listeria contamination.” Based in Plymouth, Wisconsin, the company has recalled a total of 14 different cheese products so far, including consumer favorites like “sliced Colby, muenster, pepper jack, tomato & basil jack; shredded reduced fat Colby-jack, chef blends four cheese pizzeria, artisan blends double cheddar; ultra thin sliced longhorn Colby; chef blends shredded nacho and taco; off the block fine cut shredded Colby-jack and cheddar-jack.”

Are the Elderly More Vulnerable To Investment Fraud?

A recent study commissioned by the AARP Fraud Watch Network found that “older people who are active investors and who prefer unregulated investments may be more susceptible to investment fraud.” The study was carried out by reaching out to “200 known victims of investment fraud” for telephone interviews, as well as conducting “800 interviews with members of the investing public.”

Mold Growth In Hospital Linens Linked To Six Deaths

Heavy mold growth was found in the linens of two University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) hospitals, leading to the death of five people since October 2014. Now a sixth wrongful death lawsuit, this one stemming from a third UPMC facility, Shadyside Hospital, was filed on Tuesday.

New GOP Bills Attack the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Republicans are at it again in their plans to overhaul many aspects American life. Their target this time? Title X of the Dodd-Frank Act, “which established the CFPB.” On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) introduced companion bills that would effectively “eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB),” a “controversial watchdog” organization that many Republicans have been targeting for some time now. Now since their party is in the White House and in control of the House and Senate, many are seeking to take advantage of the position of power to push their agendas through, including passing the two companion bills.

Britax Recalled Strollers Due to Fall Hazard

Britax Child Safety, Inc. recalled over 700,000 strollers yesterday due to a fall hazard. The recalled strollers were equipped with Click & Go receiver mounts that allow the car seat component to connect to the stroller frame. The company has received 33 reports of the car seats disconnecting from the stroller frames and falling to the ground. To date, there have been 26 reported injuries to children caused by the fall hazard. Britax also has 1,337 reports of units whose Click & Go mounts are damaged.